Diana Liljelund was born in New York City in 1960 of Finnish heritage. Her parents shared their passion for the outdoors and a mystical understanding of the world of nature; a legacy she continues to explore and investigate through her creative work in a variety of mediums. She is an Artist and an Architect who works with Paintings, Monotype printmaking, Land Art Installations, and Building design Projects with the same process of investigation that is central to her creative methodology. She is motivated by the belief that creation comes from exposing and celebrating what is already there; and exploring the possibilities contained within a given circumstance. The inspiration for creative solutions emerges from the context itself; given a point of view.By 1985 she completed both a graduate degree in Architecture and undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo, Canada; which included studies in Rome, Italy in 1982. She returned to teach in the Design Studio in the academic ‘Rome Program’ of the University of Waterloo (Canada) and the Pratt Institute (New York) in 1988-99. Artistic formation evolved through these portals of design and architecture. The natural environment continued to inspire her artwork and architectural design; and early in her career she purposely both studied and worked with architects and designers who encouraged this connection to nature. Initially she worked in the studio of Alvar Aalto Architects in Helsinki, Finland; followed by the offices of Arthur Erickson Architects, in Canada. Both were places where the organic attributes of a design process inspired by elements of nature were emphasized; and she regards their works as hugely influential to her understanding of design and the creative process.A diverse and lengthy international career in Architecture practice within Europe and North America ensued; which evolved into an independent design consultancy. Parallel to this architectural path, she continued to create and exhibit artworks; and curated art collections for building projects. This duality of, and passion for Art and Design expression has continued throughout her life; and is evident in the composed quality of her artworks and why she finds the spontaneous quality of the Monotype printmaking process so inviting.
DIANA LILJELUND – Biography cont.’
Primarily a self-taught Artist, she finds inspiration in the rhythms and patterns, the structure of the forms, textures, and colors of nature. Through her artistic process she seeks to understand our place within the myth and mystery of this larger sensibility. Her artwork has been exhibited in the USA, Norway, Germany, France and Finland and is in several private and corporate collections. In 2008 she was invited to exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, USA. Diana believes that it is of essential importance for our civilization to observe, participate, and respect our relationship to the beauty of the natural world; and in so doing find our common ground. “In true nature we can be sure that there will be always the color red where there is the color green; if we pause long enough to observe and celebrate that fact together.” Presently she is based in the south of France where she draws daily artistic inspiration from the magical landscape of her natural surroundings; seasonally runs a Gallery and artist residency from the renovated stone building of her atelier and continues her design and art consulting practice.

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