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Between heaven and hell, life and death, joy and pain – the works of art by Alexandra Kordas address the rift between redemption and damnation. Her leitmotif, the Cross, sets powerful impulses in her works as a symbolism for the confrontation.
Alexandra Kordas only created her first artwork in 2018. The trigger for this creative boost was an illness of her son. Since then the German artists created paintings, sculptures, and installations in various forms and materials. Her art is influenced by current social and political crisis as well as spiritual, emotional, and intellectual influences. It’s her intention to bring the viewers into contact with their own soul and the pain of their soul.

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Via Fratelli Calandra 9, Torino
Da  Mercoledì a Sabato
15:00 – 19:00

Castello, Calle dei Forni 2265 Venezia
+39 342 092 9640

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